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Whether you’re a current student of The Dojo or visiting us for the first time, this video provides a showcase of our activities and our talented people. Take a look and check back often for the latest updates.

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Founded in 1981, that's right it's been over 42 years! Our aim at "The Dojo" has always been to be reality based in our approach to SELF DEFENCE. Without compromising the classical goals of SELF IMPROVEMENT, both physically and mentally, we added MUAY THAI and BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU to the already strong KARATE base to give you a well-rounded skill set. At "The Dojo" you will experience a fun and friendly environment that caters for people of all ages and experience - and we would love to have you join us!

This video gives you an insight into the programs you'll experience and the fantastic people that you'll meet.

Check back every month for new videos!! 

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